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e-Learning & Training

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Why e-Learning?

On average, companies spend significantly more of their employee development budget on training new employees than on keeping them. e-Learning courses help organizations retain employees by the opportunity to learn new skills and advance within the company instead of looking for a new job.

Many companies also find that they lack the internal talent to devise highly technical training programs for their workers. Our subject matter experts can develop custom training courses for clients who want to teach their employees new skills, or want to offer training as a service to their customers.

In short, e-Learning courses can save companies A LOT of money by helping them hold on to skilled workers and reducing training budgets.

Spend Less on Training

Retain Employees Longer

Update Training More Frequently

Built By Subject Matter Experts

Custom Technical
Training Programs

From utilizing subscription-based video course services like Pluralsight and LinkedIn Learning, to commissioning custom interactive and gamified training, organizations everywhere are embracing the benefits of e-Learning.

As one of Pluralsight’s top video content producers, X Factor Consultants has years of experience creating online, interactive video content to teach technical skills to new and advanced learners alike.

Our subject matter experts are qualified to produce courses covering a wide range of technical topics, from front-end web development to databasing and cloud platforms.

If you’d like to learn how your organization’s employees could benefit from custom e-Learning courses, we’d love to chat with you!

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Our Production Process

Over the many years that we’ve been producing video courses for our clients, we’ve refined our process for maximum efficiency and learner satisfaction. Keep reading to learn more about our video course production process.

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To produce an effective video course, it's important to understand the learning needs of its students. Before we begin production, we'll meet with stakeholders within the client's organization to zero in on what the goals of the course are, and how learners will be interacting with it. We'll then take this information and build a detailed outline of the course for review and approval.
After the learning goals and technical details of the course have been determined, we can draft the script for the course's production. This is a collaborative effort between the subject matter experts of the topics being covered, and our professional writing and editing staff.
Once the script has been completed and approved by the client, it's time to start recording! Using both screen capture software and filming personnel when appropriate, we'll create a professionally produced and visually rich selection of video content for editing. We'll also record separate audio narration if the format of the course calls for it.
Now that the course content has been created, it's time to bring it all together. Our experienced video editing team will weave the audio, video, slides, and animations into a cohesive and easy-to-follow learning experience for students. If the course is meant to include interactive source code or other files, the video will be edited to match the pacing of learners who are completing work along with it.
Once the video course is completed, it's time for launch! If it's meant to be publicly available, we'll push it live to the platform of the client's choice. Alternatively, if it's meant to be distributed internally, we'll send the client all the relevant files and account access necessary. If the course is meant to be interactive, any source code that learners will need will also be provided. We'll then stay in contact to keep the course's content fresh and updated so it can serve learners well for years to come!

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