App Development

App Development

B2B, B2C, Custom Software, and Internal Tools

Businesses all around the world have embraced the future of mobile. They are using mobile apps and custom software to provide new products and services to their customers, improve customer retention, and increase productivity for their workers.

From React-based web apps to mobile-only App Store products and custom software, X Factor can develop the app you need to advance your business goals. Keep reading to learn more about our design, development, and post-launch support process.

Custom Software
and Mobile Apps

As a full service app development company, we can create any kind of app your organization may need. Looking for a Business-to-Customer (B2C) mobile app for iPhone? What about a Business-to-Business (B2B) mobile app for Android? We can produce apps for either platform, and help you launch on and stay compliant with store terms of use.

We can even create highly customized industryspecific apps and custom software like equipment maintenance tracking software for HVAC companies, or document creation automation software for law firms.

If you can dream it, we can make it.

IPhone Apps

Android Apps

Point of Sale
(POS) Apps

Internal Productivity Tools & Software

Our Creative Process

Mobile apps and custom software are complicated to design and develop, and require a detailed
process executed by experienced professionals. Keep reading to learn more about our creative process.

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At X Factor, we believe that the best apps result from gaining a strong understanding of our clients and developing a relationship with them. This means that we always conduct a thorough initial consultation with new clients to get as much information about their business and customers as possible. Best of all, our initial consultation is always absolutely free!
After we've met with the client, we'll begin the discovery phase to flesh out the structural and technical details of the app. This is when we'll decide on the architecture of the app, outline the structure of app views, gather as much data as we can on the client's user base, and research any custom functionality to be implemented in the project. The discovery phase is essential to creating an accurate plan for the app's development.
Once we've agreed on the technical specifics, price point, and timetable for the project, we can begin designing the app. Depending on the complexity of the app and the clarity of the client's vision for it, there may be multiple stages to the design phase. We begin designing most apps with a low-fidelity prototype to confirm structure and usability, followed by a high-fidelity prototype to determine color palette and fonts. Throughout this process, we send updates to clients to confirm that our vision for the app aligns with theirs to minimize surprises and maximize satisfaction. Once the prototype phase is completed, we finalize our designs for client approval and move on to the development phase.
With the app's structure and design finalized, it's time to start building. From here, our in-house developers begin implementing the design team's specifications into the app. This process may vary in complexity and length depending on the technical specifics of the app. As we work, we keep our clients updated by email, call, or meeting so they can keep track of our progress.
Once a preliminary version of the app has been developed, we can begin testing for bugs. This is a key component of the process that is sometimes overlooked in an effort to reduce costs in the short term, but leads to even more expensive problems down the road. We'll conduct a full suite of tests, from monitored usability (UX) tests to ensure the app is user friendly, to unit tests and end-to-end (E2E) tests to confirm all components of the app function as intended.
Once we've reviewed your new app with you and received final approval, it's time for launch! We'll perform final quality control checks, design any branding media needed for the app's store presence, and then submit it to the Google Play and/or the Apple App Store for review and approval! We'll also train any staff on the client's team who needs to have edit or administrator access to the app so they can do their jobs right from the get-go.
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Custom Apps for
Anyone, Anywhere

Mobile App Deployment & Maintenance

Once development of your mobile app is completed, it’s time to go live! Mobile app deployment involves a number of steps, from submitting the app to Google and Apple for approval, to creating marketing media for the app’s store pages and writing SEO-friendly marketing collateral so it can be found by as many users as possible.

We offer a comprehensive set of mobile app deployment services to ensure your launch goes smoothly, including:

Google Play Store Compliance

Apple App Store Compliance

App Store Branding & Media Creation

App Store SEO Writing

Continuous Deployment

Post-Launch Support

Post-Launch Services

Continuous Integration & Deployment (CI/CD)

App Store & Google Play Store Maintenance

App Health & Security Management

Once your app or custom software is live, it needs to be maintained. Unlike many app developers who move on once the initial project is completed, X Factor offers a full suite of post-launch app support and maintenance services.

If your custom software is for internal use only, X Factor can continue to provide support and training for your staff to use the app more effectively. We’ll also monitor how the software is being used, and implement any suggested changes and additional functionality upon request.

Alternatively, if you app is published publicly on the Google Play and Apple App Stores, its security and features will need to be monitored for compliance with their respective terms of service. Having a dedicated team like X Factor keeping an eye on this is key, because apps that fall out of compliance will be removed by Google and Apple automatically.

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