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“A variable in a given situation that could have the most significant impact on the outcome.”

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Who We Are

Agile and Virtual

Agile and Virtual

Since our founding, X Factor has been a virtual company. Built by professional game developers experienced in managing multidisciplinary teams and complex technical projects in a virtual setting, we’re well suited to conduct our work without the need for a brick and mortar office.

This has enabled us to run an efficient and lean operation, devoting our resources to improving our processes and technology instead of supporting unnecessary overhead. We’re lockdown-proof and highly resistant to tumultuous economic times in ways that our competitors are simply unprepared to weather. When the world was on edge, we didn’t skip a beat, and we’re stronger than ever.

Born from Games

The field of video game development sits on the cutting edge of technological advancement, producing remarkable new solutions to age-old problems. From innovating the world of entertainment, to improving virtual workflow management, training, and education models, the world of games has shaken up how we live and do business.

We’re able to take our experiences from working in games and integrate them into our processes and products alike. This means that our apps are unique and user-friendly, our websites are visually appealing, and our products have personality. It’s our mission to prove that serious business can still be fun!

Born from Games

Quality > Quantity

Quality > Quantity

We take this idea to heart, and prove it through actions. We perform thorough discovery phases for complex projects before we begin work to ensure that we can knock them out of the park.

We’re also very conscious of our client volume and would prefer to pass on a project rather than squeeze it into our schedule and risk compromising quality. Our reputation is everything to us, so if we can’t do a job right, we don’t do it at all.

Our X’s Live In Texas

Well, most of them do. We’re a multi-disciplinary team of experts in a variety of technical fields, from usability and design to cyber security and machine learning. All our team members live and work in the United States (most of whom are based in the Houston and Austin areas).

This means that we’re locally available to meet in-person and work directly with Texas-based businesses to gain a better understanding of their organization.

Is your business located outside of Texas? No worries! We offer our full suite of services to clients wherever they are.

All Our X’s Live In Texas

Who We Are NOT

A Front for Offshoring

It’s an unfortunate reality that many consultancies and web companies outsource much of their design and development work to offshore teams (and even the occasional Fiverr gig worker) without telling their clients! This helps design companies save on production costs and increase profits, but often impacts the quality of the final work that the customer is receiving.

Offshoring can easily lead to protracted development times and poor quality control due to communication lag, timezone differences, and language barriers. Interestingly enough, many design companies that engage in these practices still claim to be US-based, and charge their customers US rates…

At X Factor, we never offshore our projects. Everything we do, WE do. Still skeptical? Good! We like smart buyers, as they tend to make better customers. To prove our point, here’s a fun list of some of the outsourcing solicitations we’ve received (and denied). For your reading pleasure:

A One-Size Fits All Company

A One Size Fits All Company

We believe that customers should be choosy in whom they select to design their websites, develop their apps, produce their video content, and everything else in between.

That said, we’re pretty choosy too! By being selective in which clients we take on, we can ensure that we create exceptional products for them. We work best with proactive clients who value technology, understand the importance of communication, and appreciate craftsmanship. If that sounds like you, contact us below!

A Marketing Agency

Although many of our services relate to marketing, we are first and foremost a technology and design consultancy. That means it’s our priority to help businesses understand the visual technologies they rely on to operate and are equipped to use them as effectively as possible.

Our focus is technological in nature, and is best suited to design, development, and video production work as described in our services section.

But fear not, we have a multitude of strategic marketing partners in our network with whom we regularly collaborate with to satisfy our clients’ marketing needs.

A Marketing Agency

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